Cooperation with Orange Consulting make a choice in favor of development

Orange Consulting is a company focused on assisting organizations of various ownership in matters of accounting and legal support. Many small and medium-sized businesses, for whom it is unprofitable to maintain a staff of their own specialists, already became our clients, as well as largest companies in Latvia, who did appreciate convenience of remote services.

Cooperation is the key to modesty and distinctive quality of Orange Consulting offers. We provide to our clients the opportunity to deal only with core tasks by solving their current financial and legal issues clearly, promptly and always legally.

Join us and earn a reputation in your industry, meanwhile we will make sure that your business interests are protected under the law and important companions.

Many significant companies for Latvian market cooperate and have agreements with us already.

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Delegate highly specialized tasks to experts!

Pavels Astratovs / Mercurius Trade SIA
As a wholesaler of household appliances, our company needs well-built warehouse inventory counts and an accountant, who is familiar with all trading tricks. We found both at Orange Consulting. Inventory checking either planned or sudden; automation - everything at one place! Special thanks to accountants - not even a single problem occurred. Everything in timely manner, according to the law and without failures - if we need, specialist will arrive or make his assignments remotely.

Mercurius Trade SIA

Ilze Klavina
I've opened a small company and of course, I couldn't manage financial issues myself, and I've ordered outsourcing accounting services from Orange Consulting. Following was offered: Preparation of documents and reports, counselling and personal accountant. From my side company asked only for statements and checks, the rest was done by an accountant! Thus, I don't have to spend time for financial reports and I am very grateful to the company. Thank you for your help!

Ilze Klavina

Andrejs Ozolins / Storms, building materials store
I own a small building materials store. Such niche accumulates very high costs for any kind of arrangements and warehouses rental, because customers won't wait. Once I ran into a problem - no product was available, even supposed to be in stock. I've hired specialists from Orange Consulting SIA and they helped to set up a warehouse and fix internal problems, so such issues no longer worry me. Special thanks to the inventory department! You are awesome!

Storms, building materials store

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