Why Orange Consulting is the best choice of outsourcing services in Riga?

Experience, thorough knowledge of Latvian legislative framework and the desire to broaden the expertise in a field – these are the aspects of a efficient outsourcing and such specialists work with us. We are young and full of energy, striving to develop and offer growth to each of your customers.Entrust accounting and legal matters to us and focus on business efficiency. Field specialists, represented by our company are going to take care that your profit is clear, as well as actions are legally competent and cost-effective.
Our mission
  • SIA Orange Consulting to allow business owners and leaders to focus directly on commerce, while our specialists will take care of accounting and legal aspects, thereby saving time and costs. Our goal – to establish trustworthy and long-lasting relationships with each customer, ensuring high-quality and prompt solutions of the tasks set. With us your development will be unimpeded, activity – legitimate and clear profit itself!

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Advantages of working with us
  • Qualification. For the benefits of your business only competent field professionals will be taking care of any arisen issues.
  • Savings. We offer an affordable cost of services, which is guaranteed to be lower than the cost or organization of labor, etc.
  • A wide range of duties. You can pass on any responsibilities for which your staff doesn’t have either free time or skills.
  • Efficiency. Certain functions will allow you to concentrate on the main activities and improve results in general.
  • Insurance. Our professional activities are insured. You will be protected from financial damage that may arise if damage is caused to you as a result of our practices.

Professional, remote services for your business

To find a competent and responsible accountant or lawyer, you don’t have to open look for potential employees, arrange interviews or even entice them from competitors. All specialists in the field of finances and law already working for us. All you need is to fill out an application and get a guaranteed high-quality results.

Accounting services

Such economic aspect as bookkeeping should never be ignored. Primary documentation processing, calculation of payrolls and taxes, reporting – such actions must comply with the laws and be done on time. Orange Consulting experts are ready to solve actual financial concerns and receive clear profit. By cooperating with us you will find the best experts of accounting and law, as well as save on labor expenses.

Internal audit

Far not every executive has an objective view of the current situation of the company and its financial condition, especially when it comes to the largest enterprises with multiple branches. In order to obtain reliable information, to fix mistakes, to eliminate risks as much as possible and to correctly assess the potentials – outsourcing services of Orange Consulting will help. The audit is conducted in several directions at once, which allows you to fully analyze economic activities and management decisions. In addition, an expert audit report will be the key to your reliability in the eyes of partners.

Inventory counts

In order to analyze the actual availability of goods, products and quantities of items in warehouses, compare it with balance sheets - a task that requires considerable labor costs. Especially it concerns trade industry. Our offer will help you not to distract employees from their direct duties for such planned or sudden inventories, which could reduce business efficiency in general. Additionally, trusting stock-taking to our specialists be sure of data credibility provided on arrears and thefts.

Partnership evaluation

Facing conditions of fierce competition, it is important to choose reliable and solvent partners as well as thoroughly do your job. Orange Consulting is going to help you to assess risks and find advantages of cooperating with any counter party. Fill out a simple form on our website, and you will get all information needed. Our data will allow you to take the right decision aimed at development of your business and improvement of reputation with companies you cooperate with.

Pavels Astratovs / Mercurius Trade SIA
As a wholesaler of household appliances, our company needs well-built warehouse inventory counts and an accountant, who is familiar with all trading tricks. We found both at Orange Consulting. Inventory checking either planned or sudden; automation - everything at one place! Special thanks to accountants - not even a single problem occurred. Everything in timely manner, according to the law and without failures - if we need, specialist will arrive or make his assignments remotely.

Mercurius Trade SIA

Ilze Klavina
I've opened a small company and of course, I couldn't manage financial issues myself, and I've ordered outsourcing accounting services from Orange Consulting. Following was offered: Preparation of documents and reports, counselling and personal accountant. From my side company asked only for statements and checks, the rest was done by an accountant! Thus, I don't have to spend time for financial reports and I am very grateful to the company. Thank you for your help!

Ilze Klavina

Andrejs Ozolins / Storms, building materials store
I own a small building materials store. Such niche accumulates very high costs for any kind of arrangements and warehouses rental, because customers won't wait. Once I ran into a problem - no product was available, even supposed to be in stock. I've hired specialists from Orange Consulting SIA and they helped to set up a warehouse and fix internal problems, so such issues no longer worry me. Special thanks to the inventory department! You are awesome!

Storms, building materials store

Orange Consulting the best price for outsourcing services in Riga

  • Accounting

  • Legal

  • Internal

  • Inventory

  • Partnership

To make an offer cost-effective and convenient for all categories of customers is one of the goals of our work. Therefore the cost of remote services from Orange Consulting is available to both small and large enterprises operating in Latvia. Finding out the costs is simple - fill out the form and get a quick response with all necessary details.

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Our partners and clients

Among our clients both newcomers to business and well-known enterprises. Each of them is a project that Orange Consulting experts conduct with responsibility. There are no secondary tasks for us - competent accountants and lawyers are ready to solve your questions promptly and qualitatively. Join and pass on non-core tasks of yours to professionals, who provide outsourcing services to leading companies in Latvia.
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